Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Music CDs


Reich, Steve


VA / Funk 16 Corners
VA / Midwest Funk: Funk 45s from Tornado Alley
VA / Texas Funk: Black Gold From the Loan Star State, 1968-1975
VA / Raw Funk


Baker, Mickey / In the 50's
Kimbrough, Junior / You Better Run
Watson, Johnny "Guitar"


Naked Brothers Band / I Don't Want to go to School


Black Lips / Good, Bad, Not Evil
Black Milk / Popular Demand
Black Moth Super Rainbow / Dandelion gum
Carolina Funk / First in Funk
Clive Field Marshall / Poor House Rockers
D'Arby, Terence Trent / Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D'Arby
Electrelane / No Shouts, No Calls
Hawkwind / Space Ritual
Hell Razah / Renaissance Child
Hill, Faith / The First Lady
Hill, Lauryn / The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Keys, Alicia / The Diary of Alicia Keys
Keys, Alicia / The Songs in A Minor
Little Richard / The Formative Years, 1951-1953
Little Richard / Greatest Gold Hits
McRae, Hilary / Through These Walls
Nastasia Nina / You Follow Me
Notorious B.I.G. / Duets: The Final Chapter
Portishead / Third
Roots / Rising Down
Ross, Diana & The Supremes and The Tempations / Joined Together: The Complete Studio Duets
Sade / Diamond Life
Sade / Promise
Shakur, Tupac / Better Dayz
Shakur, Tupac / 2Pac Live
Simon, Carly / This Kind of Love
Temptations / Psychedelic Soul
UGK / Underground Kingz
Watson, Johnny "Guitar" / The Funk Anthology
Williams, Hank / 20 of Hank Williams' Greatest Hits
Wright, Charles / The Best of Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band


Bridgewater, Dee Dee / Dee Dee Bridgewater
James, Leela / A Change Is Gonna Come
Lead Belly / The Blues
Lead Belly / Bourgeois Blues
Lead Belly / Shout On
Lead Belly / Where Did You Sleep Last Night
Lead Belly / Lead Belly Sings Folk Songs


Winans, CeCe / The Kingdom Come


The Bourne Identity


Baker, Josephine / J'ai Deux Amours
Bridgewater, Dee Dee / Red Earth
Music of Indonesia vol. 12 / Gongs and Vocal Music from Sumatra
Music of Indonesia vol. 2 / Indonesian Popular Music
Music of Indonesia vol. 17 / Kalimantan: Dayak Ritual and Festival Music
Music of Indonesia vol. 13 / Kalimantan Strings
Music of Indonesia vol. 14 / Lombok, Kalimantan, Banyumas
Music of Indonesia vol. 19 / Music of Maluku: Halmahera, Buru, Kei
Music of Indonesia vol. 04 / Music of Nias & North Sumatra
Music of Indonesia vol. 11 / Melayu Music of Sumatra and Riau Islands
Music of Indonesia vol. 3 / Music from the Outskirts of Jakarta
Music of Indonesia vol. 16 / Music from the Southeast
Music of Indonesia vol. 10 / Music of Biak, Irian Jaya
Music of Indonesia vol. 18 / Sulawesi: Festivals, Funerals, and Work
Music of Indonesia vol. 15 / South Sulawesi Strings
Panama! / Latin, Calypso and Funk on the Isthmus, 1965-1975
Shankar, Ravi / The Ravi Shankar Collection: India's Master Musician
Shankar, Ravi / The Sounds of India
Thai Pop / Thai Pop Spectacular

Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Dvds Reserves

24: The Complete Fifth Season
Becoming An Organized Student
Choking Game, The
Free Form Crochet with Margaret Hubert
Free Form Kinitting with Margaret Hubert
Overweight in America: Why Are We Getting So Fat?
Underage Drinking

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Audiobooks


Abrahams, Peter/Delusion
Ault, Sandi/Wild Inferno
Boyd, Herb/Baldwin's Harlem
Brice, Carleen/Orange Mint and Honey
Brooks, Terry / The Tangle Box
Coonts, Stephen / Deep Black: Conspiracy
Deaver, Jeffrey/The Broken Window
Deutermann, P. T. / The Moonpool
Deutermann / Train Man
Erdrich, Louise/The Plague of Doves
Flemming, Ian / Devil May Care
Griffin, W.E.B. / Honor Bound
Griffin, W. E. B. / Death and Honor
Hamilton, Laurell K. / Blood Noir
Hoeg, Peter / The Quiet Girl
Kellerman, Jesse / The Genius
Logan, Chuck/South of Shiloh
Lowell, Elizabeth/Blue Smoke and Murder
O'Shaughnessy, Perri / Move to Strike
Patterson, James & Howard Roughan / Sail
Phillips, Caryl/Foreigners
Plummer, Therese / Wild Inferno
Robbins, David L./The Betrayal Game
Roberts, Nora / The Hollow
Sansom, C. J./Winter in Madrid
Saul, John / Nightshade
Schwegel, Theresa/Person of Interest
Shaara, Jeff / The Rising Tide
Weber, Carl/Something on the Side
Unger, Lisa / Blackout


Allen, David/Getting Things Done
Brier, Bob/Great Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt
Butler, Timothy/Getting Unstuck
Butler-Bowdon/50 Prosperity Classics
Cook, William R./St. Augustine's Confessions
Drucker, Peter F / Managing the Nonprofit Organization
Ehrman, Bart D./The Historical Jesus
Fuller, Alexandra/The Legend of Cotten H. Bryant
Haanel, Charles F./The Master Key System
Kaplan, Joshua/The People and the Ballot
Navarro, Peter/Waking Dragon
Noble, Thomas F. X./Popes and the Papacy: A History
Nuland, Sherwin B./Doctors: The History of Scientific Medicin Revealed Through Biography
Osteen, Joel/Become a Better You
Principe, Lawrence/Science and Religion
Robbins, Mike/Focus on the Good Stuff
Rotella, Bob Dr with Bob Cullen/Your 15th Club
Sapolsky, Robert/Biology and Human Behavior
Schiffman, Lawrence H./The Dead Scrolls
Sedaris, David / When You Are Engulfed in Flames
Shimoff, Marci with Carol Kline/Happy for no Reason
Shutt, Timothy B./Odyssey of the West II
Solomon, Robert C./The Will to Power: The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche
Spears, J. Rufus/Books That Have Made History
Steinberg, Jonathan/European History and European Lives
Teofilo, Ruiz F./The Other 1492: Ferdinand, Isabella ....
Tracy, Brian/Flight Plan
Tracy, Brian/The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success
Walsh, Peter/Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Big
Wattles, Wallace D./The Science of Being Great
Zukav, Gary/Soul to Soul

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New DVD Rentals

Absence of Malice
Andromeda Strain, The
Bucket List
Hitler: The Rise of Evil
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Logan's Run
Return to Innocence

New DVD Reserves

Andrew Jackson
Best of the Fest
Billy Blanks Tae Bo Kicks
Biography Series
Bush's War (Frontline)
Charlie Trash Truck
Christopher Columbus
Core Meteorology Atmosphere
Core Meteorology Weather
Diagnosing Depression
Environmental Science
ER The PropMasters
Frederick Douglas
Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists
Leonardo Da Vinci
Van Gogh
Global Climate Change
Harlem Globetrotters, The
Heroes of Katrina
Human Footprint (National Geographic)
Jerusalem Between Heaven and Earth
King Man of Peace in a Time of War
Life is not a Stress Rehearsal
Mapping the Stem Cell Research Terra Incognita
Martin Luther King. Jr. The Man and the Dream
Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe
Red Garden
Room With A View
Secrets of the Soul
Shadow Voices: Finding Hope in Mental Illness
Ted Bundy
Tenant of Wildfell Hall, The
Tol'able David
Twenty Four Season The Complete Series: Season Three
Twenty Four The Complete Series: Season Two
Whoopie Goldberg