Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Music CDs


B-52's / Funplex
Carey, Mariah / E=MC2
Counting Crows / Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings
Cyrus, Miley / Best of both Worlds
Gnarls Barkley / the Odd Couple
Goldfrapp / Seventh Tree
Jackson, Alan / Good Time
Jackson, Joe / Rain
Lewis, Leona / Spirit
Madonna / Hard Candy
McDonald, Michael / Soul Speak
Moorer, Allison / Mockingbird
P. O. D. / When Angels & Serpents Dance
Panic! At the Disco / Pretty Odd
Puppini Sisters / the Rise & Fall of Ruby Woo
R. E. M. / Accelerate
Snoop Dogg / Ego Trippin'


D'Arby, Terence Trent / Do you Love me Like you Say
Marsalis, Wynton / Standards & Ballads
Metheny, Pat / Day Trip
Miller, Marcus / Marcus
Sade / Love Deluxe
Schuur, Diane / Some Other Time


Bourne Supremacy, The
Bourne Ultimatum, The


Rough Guide to Congo Gold
Rough Guide to the Music of the Hungarian gypsies

Monday, June 2, 2008

New Audiobooks

Atkins, Ace / Wicked City
Appleyard, Diana / Too Beautiful to Dance
Baldacci, David / The Whole Truth
Barron, Stephanie / Jane and the Prisoner of Wool House
Bernhardt, William / Capitol Conspiracy
Bock, Charles / Beautiful Children
Borneman, Walter R. / Polk
Box, C.J. / Blood Trail
Chiaverini, Jennifer / The Winding Ways Quilt
Chopra, Deepak / The Third Jesus
Clark , Carol Higgins / Zapped
Clark, Mary Higgins / Where are you Now?
Coben, Harlan / Darkest Fear
Coben, Harlan / Hold Tight
Delinsky, Barbara / The Secret Between Us
Diaz, Junot / The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Dietrich, William / The Rosetta Key
Erdrich, Louise / The Pague of Doves
Fairstein, Linda / Killer Heat
Feehan, Christine / Dark Symphony
Fowler, Christopher / The Water Room
Fowler, Karen Joy / Wit's End
Frank, Dorothea Benton / Bulls Island
Franklin, Ariana / Mistress of the Art of Death
Franklin, Ariana / The Serpent's Tale
Frey, James / Bright Shiny Morning
Grimes, Martha / Dakota
Grisham, John / The Testament
Groff, Lauren / The Monsters of Templeton
Harris, Charlaine / From Dead to Worse
Harris, Charlaine / From Dead to Worse
Hill, Joe / 20th Century Ghosts
Iggulden, Conn / Genghis: Lords of the Bow
Jacobs, Kate / The Friday Night Knitting Club
Johansen, Iris / Quicksand
Kane, Andrea / Twisted
Kellerman, Jesse / The Genius
Kellerman, Jonathan / Compulsion
Kinsella, Sophie / Remember Me?
Kleypas, Lisa / Blue-Eyed Devil
Koontz, Dean R. / Phantoms
Lahiri, Jhumpa / Unaccustomed Earth
Laurens, Stephanie / The Taste of Innocence
Lindsey, Johanna / Tender Rebel
Lowell, Elizabeth / Untamed
Macomber, Debbie / 44 Cranberry Point
Macomber, Debbie / 450 Harbor Street
Margolin, Phillip / Executive Privilege
Margolin, Phillip / Executive Privilege
Martini, Steve / Shadow of Power
Martini, Steve / Shadow of Power
Masters, Priscilla / Slipknot
McBride, James / Song Yet Sung
McCall Smith, Alexander / The Miracle at Speedy Motors
Michaels, Fern / Hokus Pokus
Miller, Linda Lael / McKettrick's Pride
Miller, Sue / The Senator's Wife
Mosley, Walter / Diablerie
Navarro, Julia / The Bible of Clay
O'Connell, Jack / The Resurrectionist
Palahniuk, Chuck / Snuff
Patterson, James / Sundays at Tiffany's
Perez-Reverte / The Painter of Battles
Perry, Anne / Buckingham Palace Gardens
Perry, Thomas / Fidelity
Pressfield, Steven / Killing Rommel
Pressfield, Steven / Killing Rommel
Quick, Amanda / The Third Cycle
Rice, Anne / Christ the Lord
Roberts, Nora / The Hollow
Rollins, James / Amazonia
Rollins, James / Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Rosenberg, Joel C. / Dead Heat
Rosenberg, Joel C. /The Ezekiel Option (mp3 format)
Rosenberg, Joel C. /The Last Jihad (mp3 format)
Ross, Ann B. / Miss Julia Paints the Town
Rowland, Laura Joh / the Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte
Rushide, Salman / The Enchantress of Florence
Salvatore, R.A. / The Ancient
Sandford, John / Phantom Prey
Sandford, John / Phantom Prey
Santos, Jose Rodrigues Dos / Codex 632
Schlink, Bernhard / Homecoming
Shaara, Jeff / The Steel Wave
Smith, Carol / Fatal Attraction
Staycey, Lyndon / Murder in Mind
Stein, Garth / The Art of Racing in the Rain
Stein, Garth / The Art of Racing in the Rain
Stone, David / The Orpheus Deception
Tan, Amy / The Kitchen God's Wife
Wambaugh, Joseph / Hollywood Crows
Ward, J.R. / Lover Unbound
Weiner, Jennifer / Certain Girls
Weisberger, Lauren / Chasing Harry Winston
Weisberger, Lauren / Chasing Harry Winston
Wiggs, Susan / The Winter Lodge
Willig, Lauren / The Deception of the Emerald Ring
Willig, Lauren / The Masque of the Black Tulip
Willig, Lauren / The Seduction of the Crimson Rose
Woods, Stuart / Beverly Hills Dead


Allende, Isabel / The Sum of our Days
Andrews, Julie / Home
Bhutto, Benazir / Reconciliation Islam, Democracy, and the West
Davis, Kenneth C. / America's Hidden History
Kershaw, Alex / Escape From The Deep
National Public Radio / NPR Driveway Moments Baseball
National Public Radio / NPR Funniest Driveway Moments
Novak, David / The Education of an Accidental CEO
Paul, Ron / The Revolution A Manifesto
Pausch, Randy / The Last Lecture
Phillips, Kevin / Bad Money
Poitier, Sidney / Life Beyond Measure
Price, Jill / The Woman Who Can't Forget
Roach, Mary / Bonk
Smith, Adam / The Wealth of Nations
Standiford, Les / Washington Burning
Walters, Barbara / Auditions