Monday, August 4, 2008

New Audiobooks

Anderson, Laurie / Catalyst
Anderson, Laurie / Fever
Anderson, Laurie / Twisted
Applegate, Katherine / Home of the Brave
Asher, jay / Thirteen Reasons Why
Brande, Robin / Evolution, Me and Other Freaks of Nature
Brice, Carleen / Orange Mint and Honey
Burke, James Lee / Swan Peak
Cannell, Stephen / At First Sight
Cabot, Meg / Jinx
Cabot, Meg / Pants on Fire
Cabot, Meg / Princess on the Brink
Carter, Stephen L. / New England White
Carter, Stephen L. / Palace Council
Cather, Willa / The Song of Lark
Cezair-Thompson , Margaret / The Pirate's Daughter
Coelho, Paulo / Brida
Coelho, Paulo / The Devil and Miss Prym
Colfer, Eoin / Airman
Colin, Beatrice / The Glimmer Palase
Collins, Jackie / Married Lovers
Cornish, D. M. / Foundling
Cornwell, Patrica / The Front
Coulter, Catherine / Tail Spin
Deutermann, P. T. / Sweepers
Dogar, Sharon / Waves
Deaver, Jeffrey / The Broken Window
Dounham, Jenny / Before I Die
Evanovich, Janet / Fearless Fourteen
Forster, Gwynne / Getting Some of her Own
Frey, Stephen / Forced Out
Gardner, Lisa / Say Goodbye
Hogan, Mary / Perfect Girl
Higson, Charlie / Blood Fever
Holt, Kimberly / My Louisiana Sky
Howard, Linda / Death Angel
Howard, Linda / Killing Time
Harris, E. Lynn / Just Too Good to Be True
Hunt, La Jill / Too Close for Comfort
Hunter, Travis / A Family Sin
Iggulden, Conn / Genghis: Lords of the Bow
James, Henry / Daisy Miller
Jance, J, A. / Damage Control
Jinks, Catherine / Evil Genius
Johansen, Iris & Roy Johansen / Silent Thunder
Johnson, Denis / Tree of Smoke
Korman, Gordon / Son of the Mob
Lindsey, Johanna / No Choice But Seduction
Lustbader, Eric Van / The Bourne Sanction
Lyga, Barry / The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy & Goth Girl
Martin, Charles / Where the River Ends
Mengestu, Dinaw / The Beautiful Things that Heaven Bears
Meyer, Stephenie / Eclipse
Meyer, Kai / The Stone Light
Miasha / Mommy's Angels
Morrell, David / Creepers
Murdock, Catherine / The Off Season
Murray, Victoria Christopher / Too Little, Too Late
Oates, Joyce Carol / My Sister, My Love
Patterson, James / Daniel X
Paulsen, Gary / Brian's Return
Pearson, Ridley / Killer View
Pelecanos, George / The Turnaround
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth / Natural Born Charmer
Phillips, Caryl / Foreigners
Quinn, Julia / The Lost Duke of Wyndham
Rice, Luanne / Last Kiss
Reich, Christopher / The Devil's Banker
Reich, Christopher / Patriots Club
Reich, Christopher / Rules of Deception
Reinhardt, Dana / Harmless
Rendell, Ruth / Not in the Flesh
Rimington, Stella / Illegal Action
Roberts, Nora / Tribute
Robinson, Patrick / To the Death
Rollins, James / The Last Oracle
Rushdie, Salman / The Entrantress of Florence
Scott, Michael / The Alchemyst
Silko, Marmon / House Made of Dawn
Silva, Daniel / Moscow Rules
Steel, Danielle / Rogue
Smith, Andrea / The Sisterhood of Blackberry Corner
Spinelli, Jerry / Love
Thor, Brad / The Last Patriot
Vincenzi, Penny / An Absolute Scandal
Weber, Carl / Something on the Side
Werlin, Nancy / The Rules of Survival
Wimberley, Darryl / Pepperfish Keys
Young, William / The Shack
Zevin, Gabrielle /Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

Amen, Daniel G. / Change YOur Brain, Change Your Life
Bragg, Rick
Buchanan, Patrick J.
Halley, Alex / Roots
Kurlansky, Mark / The Last Fish Tale
McClellan, Scott / What Happened
Morgenstern, Julie / Making Work Work
Morgenstern, Julie / Organizing: From the Inside Out
Morgenstern, Julie / Time Management: From the Inside Out
Pelzer, Dave / Moving Forward
Preston, Douglas / The Monster of Florence
Russert, Time / Big Russ & Me
Sedaris, David / Live at Carnegie Hall
Taylor, Jill / My Stroke of Insight
Tolle, Eckhart / A New Earth Awakening to Your LIfe's Purpose
Ward, Andrew / The Slave's War