Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Audiobooks


Allston, Aaron/Outcast (Star Wars Fate of the Jedi)
Baldacci, David/First Family
Beaton, M. C./Death of a Witch (A Hamish Macbeth Mystery)
Berg, Elizabeth/Home Safe
Child, Lincoln/Terminal Freeze
Coelho, Paulo/The Winner Stands Alone
Coonts, Stephen/Deep Black: Jihad
Dietrich, William/the Dakota Cipher
Franklin, Ariana/Grave Goods
Goudge, Eileen/The Diary
Jackson, Lisa/Malice
Johansen, Iris/Deadlock
Lustbader, Eric Van/Robert Ludlum's: the Bourne Betrayal
Mcinerney, Jay/How it Ended
McMahon, Katharine/The Rose of Sebastopol
Michaels, Fern/Mr. and Miss Anonymous
Modesitt, L. E. Jr./Imager
Palmer, diana/Fearless
Parker, Robert B./Night and Day
Patterson, James/The 8th Confession
Patterson, James/Max
Pearl, Matthew/The Last Dickens
Quick, Amanda/The Perfect Poison (An Arcane Society Novel)
Rollins, David/Death Trust
Scottoline, Lisa/Look Again
Strieber, Whitley/Critical Mass
Trigiani, Adriana/Very Valentine
White, T. H./The Once and Future King
Whitehead, Colson/Sag Harbor
Woods, Stuart/Loitering with Intent


Goldberg, Bernard/A Slobbering Love Affair
Goleman, Daniel/Ecological Intelligence
Goleman, Daniel/Social Intelligence
Goleman, Daniel/Working with Emotional Intelligence
Prarie Home Companion/Plenty of Pretty Good Jokes (Complete Joke Collection)
Roberts, Cokie/Founding Mothers (The Women Who Raised Our Nation)
Rosenberg, Joel C./Inside the Revolution
Scotti, R. A./Vanished Smile: The Mysterious Theft of Mona Lisa